Plug Options

Option 1: Map Distributor

For 3D Cart, the list of Distributors (or Vendors) found in your cart will be shown. Be sure the Distributor is added to your cart, then select that Distributor so each product will import into cart with the Distributor already selected. 

For other carts, set the distributor text box to the vendor name or an abbreviated vendor name.  

The distributor value allows e-ProductPlug to determine which cart products belong to a plug.

Option 2: Product No Longer In File

Vendors will often discontinue products and remove them from their product files. To avoid selling discontinued products, e-ProductPlug can either label those items as ‘Zero Inventory’ or show a stock of 0, ~OR~ (if your cart allows) e-ProductPlug can indicate that the product should be hidden from website view. Then you can decide how to handle discontinued products directly in your cart. NOTE: In order to use this functionality, you must first Map Distributor (Option 1).

Option 3: New Products

New products will be added over time to the vendor feed file, for most suppliers. You have the option to automatically categorize new products in a file of your choosing, we recommend using the category name "New Arrivals/New Products". There is also the option to "Hide New Products" if you wish to review the new products in your cart administrator before making them visible in your store.

Option 4: Custom Filters

Add custom filters to control which of your vendor file products you do not want to sell. View the Video Tutorial on Custom Filters to see examples.

Option 5: Custom Pricing

If you choose to mark-up or mark-down your product pricing by a certain dollar amount or percentage, simply fill out a rule, add conditions if any, then save. Change this rule as needed. You can add up to three rules with ten conditions per rule. To see examples, view our Video Tutorial on Custom Pricing

Option 6: Category Mapping

Since most Vendor files will not follow the exact same category structure as your website, you can add custom category rules to match up their groups of products to your existing categories. View the Video Tutorial on Category Mapping to learn more.

Option 7: Field Optimization

There are times when a file has information displayed in an unusable format. For example:

  • No images links (we can create image links if the image link, "", and SKU (or other factor located in the vendor feed file) "TS4132", can be combined to create a link): ""
  • No Keywords? We can combine different elements found in the vendor feed file to create keywords for your site, such as, Vendor, Color, and Size.
  • No Title? We can combine a vendor/brand name to other elements located in the vendor feed file and create a title.

Field optimization rules allow you to concatenate fields, add custom text, replace text or use title case on a field.

Option 8: Additional Mapping

We can use this option to copy already mapped fields to another un-mapped fields. For example, if a product description was not available in your vendor file, you can reuse the product title in the description field through additional mapping. 

Option 9: Disable Update Fields

Disabling update fields will prevent existing cart fields from updating.

For Example: If you want to edit the descriptions of existing products through your cart administrator, e-ProductPlug will not overwrite the changes if description is set as a disabled field.

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