Starting Up

  1. Start in the "Settings" tab to connect to your cart. Shopify and Bigcommerce users must add our application through your cart administrator app store.  Each cart has their own set of instructions and Video Tutorial. Select the Single Source File cart type if you prefer to consolidate the Vendor's files into one file that will be sent to an FTP location.
  2. Then go to the "Plugs" tab to begin setting up your first Vendor Plug.  If you have not previously created a plug, the Add Plug configuration form will be shown for you to configure your first plug.
  3. The first time you setup a Plug, it is a good idea to download the Vendor's file and view it in Excel. This will help in locating the Vendor's URL path, the header row, and with Plug Options.
  4. Follow the steps in Plug Settings to locate the complete address of the file’s location, the frequency of import, and the header row number.
  5. If you are unsure of the field value, hover your cursor on the information icon for more details about the setting.
  6. Once you have completed the Plug Settings and click "Save", you will be directed to the Plug Mapping section.
  7. The system will check the connection and display the first five rows of the file to assist in the Product Mapping. Plug Mapping is used to match the Vendor File column to your Cart fields. If you do not want the data in a column imported into your cart, set the drop down to "DO NOT MAP".
  8. Once Saved, go to the Plug Options. This section is optional, but it is a more advanced way to incorporate data rules into your product import process. This includes the ability to map the Distributor field, determine what to do with products no longer found in the file, allow you to filter products out by keywords so they won't get imported, change pricing up or down based on various business rules, and map categories to those already designated in your cart.
  9. Then in the Plug Status, click on Action: "Execute Manual" once to import the file for the first time. Check for successful submission, it will show a green check and timestamp.
  10. Then check your cart to be sure the file imported correctly.
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