Who is e-ProductPlug?

By reshaping the retrieval and delivery of vendor product feeds to the major eCommerce platforms such as 3DCart, Shopify and BigCommerce, e-ProductPlug empowers online retailers with an innovative solution that easily and effectively automates the product and inventory management process. Serving online retailers that have virtual or dropship inventory, and even tradition on-site inventory or warehouses, e-ProductPlug strives to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of each merchant.

With innovative features like our dynamic mapping tool, zero out dropped inventory option, and intraday inventory updates, the result is a new way of managing product catalogs from various vendor sources such as dropshippers, warehouses, manufacturers, distributors, wholesale clubs, etc. Just think about the time and money saved – no more spreadsheets, hiring expensive developers, or spending hours manually inputting products. By automating the product data process, for less than $2 per day, e-ProductPlug greatly reduces the chance of manual errors and overselling that can lead to cancelled orders and suspension on marketplaces.

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